Thalassoma hebraicum (Lacepède, 1801)
Thalassoma hebraicum (Lacepède, 1801)
Genus: , ,

Scientific Name: Thalassoma hebraicum

English Name: Goldbar wrasse

Creole Name: Kakatwa lezar

French Name: Kakatoi lézard

IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC)


Dorsal spines: 8; Dorsal rays: 13; Anal spines: 3; Anal rays: 11.

Moderately full-bodied wrasse. Caudal fin varies with age from truncate to lunate.  


Initial Phase: blackish (consisting of vertical alternating black and grey lines), with two staggered longitudinal rows of large diffuse yellowish spots (still crossed by 
blackish lines) and a yellow bar from base of third dorsal spine under the pectoral fin to belly, proceeded by parallel black and blue lines; chest with two diagonal blue 
lines and pectoral base with a black and deep blue line; head yellowish with two long narrow, curved, blue bands (one broadly semicircular on cheek, and one extending 
posterior early from eye) and three short ones; caudal fin yellowish with a diffuse blackish bar at base (Randall 1986).

Terminal Phase: Head orange-yellow to orange-brown/red with same banding as Initial Phase. Body light yellow and blueish vertical lines over the broad middle part of the 
body, a bright yellow band from below front of dorsal fin to abdomen very broadly bordered posteriorly by a dark bluish bar and anteriorly by a band of blue-edged black 
scales. Posterior caudal peduncle and base of caudal fin crossed by a broad dark bluish bar, rest of fin light yellow.


Maturity: Lm unknown. Range unknown. Max Length: 23.0 cm TL.

Habitat and Ecology:

Inhabits lagoons and seaward reefs usually on patch reefs or rocks (depth 1-30 m, usually 3-30 m). Oviparous, distinct pairing during breeding.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is not typically caught in the artisanal fishery. The specimen shown here was caught by an angler on coastal rocks.





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