Pomacentrus sulfureus (Klunzinger, 1871)
Pomacentrus sulfureus (Klunzinger, 1871)
Genus: ,

Scientific Name: Pomacentrus sulfureus

English Name: Sulphur damsel

Creole Name: Bweter zonn

French Name:

IUCN Red List Status: Not Evaluated (NE)


Dorsal spines: 14; Dorsal rays: 13-15; Anal spines: 2; Anal rays: 14-15.

Small bright yellow damselfish with black blotch at base of pectoral fin.


Size. Maturity: Lm unknown. Range unknown. Max Length: 11 cm TL.

Habitat and Ecology:

Adults inhabit inshore coral reefs, in areas with rich-coral growth (depth 1-5m). Oviparous, distinct pairing during breeding. Eggs are demersal and adhere to the substrate. Males guard and aerate the eggs.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is not caught in the artisanal fishery.


Froese, R. & D. Pauly. Eds. 2020. FishBase. Pomacentrus sulfureus https://www.fishbase.in/summary/Pomacentrus-sulfureus.html (05/04/20).


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