Negaprion acutidens (Ruppell, 1837)
Negaprion acutidens (Ruppell, 1837)

Scientific Name: Negaprion acutidens

English Name: Sicklefin lemon shark

Creole Name: Kabo roz

French Name: Requin limon faucille

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN)


Large, stocky yellowish to yellow-brown shark dorsally and whitish ventrally with broad blunt snout. Distinctive narrow pointed teeth originating from a broad base.

Eyes are small relative to head size with distinctive yellow colouration. First dorsal fin large and falcate with origin significantly posterior to free rear tips 
of pectoral fins. Second dorsal fin distinctively large and not much smaller than D1. No interdorsal ridge. Pectoral fins long broad and falcate with origin between 
the 3rd and 4th gill slits. Pelvic fins are large with concave trailing edge. Anal fin is large with trailing edge strongly recurved. Caudal fin is quite large, 
the lower lobe quite pronounced.


Maturity: both sexes mature at about 220-240cm TL. Max Length: 310cm TL (a record from Mozambique of 380cm).

Habitat and Ecology:

Found on continental and insular shelves. Inshore, on or near bottom around coral reefs and in shallow lagoons and mangroves. Depth range 1 -92 m, with a preference 
of 1-30m. Young sharks found on very shallow reef flats and very close inshore along sandy beaches. Viviparous 1-14 pups per litter after approx. 10 months gestation. 
Appears to breed every second year. Feeds on demersal fish and stingrays.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is caught in nets,  hand line and anchored long line fisheries. In Seychelles the Lemon shark is 
an occasional component of the artisanal shark fishery catch. Juveniles are very vulnerable however due to their habit of swimming very close to sandy shores along 
the ripple line where they are targeted by the general public. 


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