Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)
Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)
Genus: ,

Scientific Name: Mobula mobular

English Name: Giant devilray

Creole Name: Swarko

French Name: Diable de mer

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN)


Large Devil ray with a broad, subterminal mouth, anterior margins of disc straight to slightly convex. Dorsal surface bluish black ventral surface pure white. Dorsal fin with 
prominent white tip. Serrated caudal spine usually present behind dorsal fin. 


Males mature at 198-205 cm DW, females at around 235cm DW. Maximum: attains at least 520cm DW

Habitat and Ecology:

Pelagic occurs inshore and well offshore over continental shelves and near oceanic islands. Gestation period unknown. Diet consists mainly of planktonic crustaceans.

Ovoviviparous giving birth to a single large pup. It can dive to depths of 600-700m.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is caught in the net fishery, but is an uncommon component of the catch. (See notes).


Seychelles is a party to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). The CMS has listed Mobula mobular in Appendix I since 2014, this means Seychelles must, in addition to 
habitat protection, “prohibit the taking of animals belonging to such species”. This species was first documented in Seychelles waters in 2017 (J. Nevill). Seychelles is 
therefore 4 years behind on this commitment, as to date this species is not protected under national law. 


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