Coryphaena hippurus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Coryphaena hippurus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Genus: ,

Scientific Name: Coryphaena hippurus

English Name: Common dolphinfish

Creole Name: Dorad

French Name: Coryphène commune

IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC)


Dorsal spines: 0; Dorsal rays: 58-66; Anal spines: 0; Anal rays: 25-31.

Body elongate and compressed, body depth  increasing with age. Young fish (up to 30 cm) have a slender, elongate body with head profile slightly convex. In larger males 
(30 to 200 cm) the head profile becomes increasingly vertical with development of a bony crest. Bands of teeth on jaws, vomer and palatines roof of mouth. Tooth patch on 
tongue small and oval. A single dorsal fin extending from above eye to near caudal fin. Anal fin concave, extending from anus to near caudal fin. Caudal fin deeply forked.

Colour. Variably and brilliantly coloured fish. Iridescent bluish-green above, silvery-golden below with small dark spots on sides, dorsal fin dark green to deep blue; 
other fins usually yellow to orange. Colour fades rapidly after death. 


Maturity: Lm unknown. Range unknown. Max Length: 210cm TL. Commonly to 100cm TL. 

Habitat and Ecology:

Pelagic, inhabiting open waters, but also approaches the coast (depth 0-85m, usually 5-10m). Forms schools. Feed on almost all forms of fish and zooplankton; also takes 
crustaceans and squid. Spawn in the open sea and probably proximate to the coast when water temperature rises. Eggs and larvae are pelagic. In East African waters, spawning 
season may last from March to early June and spawning occurs inshore. In tropical regions spawning likely occurs year round.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is caught primarily by trolling. It is a regular but not numerous component of the catch. 
Follows ships and forms small concentrations below floating objects and prone to FAD fishing techniques.





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