Centropyge multispinis (Playfair, 1867)
Centropyge multispinis (Playfair, 1867)
Genus: ,

Scientific Name: Centropyge multispinis

English Name: Dusky angelfish

Creole Name:

French Name: Poisson-ange brun

IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC)


Dorsal spines: 14; Dorsal rays: 15-17; Anal spines: 3; Anal rays: 16-17.

Mid-sized anglefish. Preorbital edge with small, subequal spines. Adult male is larger than female and has pointed anal fin. 

Colour. Dark brown fish. Head greyish-black with orange brown patch in front of eye and around posterior edge of orbit. Large (approximately same size as eye) black spot 
with lighter bluish edge on upper midflank posterior to edge of preopercle. Series of narrow dark vertical lines on flank. Basal and sub-marginal dark bands on dorsal and 
anal fins. Three dark bands on base, midway and submarginal of caudal fin. Preopercle spine, lips and edges of fins electric blue. 


Maturity: Unknown. Max length : 14.0 cm TL.

Habitat and Ecology:

Usually found over rubble areas close to coral reefs and also among coral in lagoons and on outer reefs (depth 1-30 m). Protogynous hermaphrodite. Occurs in pairs or groups. 
Omnivore feeding alot on algae. Oviparous spawns in open water. 

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. Not recorded to date in artisanal catch, so if caught in traps or nets presumably released.


Photo courtesy Eleanor Brighton and Chris Mason-Parker (c) 2022 Blue Safari Seychelles/Marine Conservation Society, Seychelles. Photograph taken at Alphonse group 2022.


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