Plectorhinchus picus (Cuvier, 1828)
Plectorhinchus picus (Cuvier, 1828)
Genus: , ,

Scientific Name: Plectorhinchus picus

English Name: Painted sweetlip

Creole Name: Vyey sesil

French Name: Diagramme oriental

IUCN Red List Status: Not Evaluated (NE)


Dorsal spines: 12-14; Dorsal rays: 17-20; Anal spines: 3; Anal soft rays: 7-8.

Body is compressed laterally and somewhat oblong, tapering posteriorly. Fleshy lips that swell with age. Ctenoid scales give rough texture. Long caudal peduncle. Caudal fin 
truncate to emarginate.

Colour. Body colour of juveniles is black dorsally and white ventrally with broad saddle like white bands on the forehead and mid dorsally. The head has a broad black bar 
from forehead, down through the eye to the lower edge of the opercle with a white snout. Adults covered with dark brown spots on head, back, sides and fins. Dorsal fin 
white with dark brown to blackish margin and large dark spots on the membrane between spines and many small spots on the soft dorsal fin. Inside of mouth, hind edge of 
maxilla, gill cover membrane and bases of pectoral fins red to red-brown. White ventrally.


Maturity: Lm unknown. Range unknown. Max Length: 84cm TL. Usually 40-50cm TL.

Habitat and Ecology:

Inhabits lagoons and seaward reefs (depth 3-50m). A solitary species.  Adults usually under coral heads or in caves, while juveniles are found in shallow lagoons. Feeds on 
crustaceans and molluscs. Oviparous, distinct pairing during breeding.

Fishery Status:

This species is not protected or subject to fishery regulations. It is caught in the trap and handline fisheries, but is a relatively uncommon component of the catch.





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